are you a little curious about life coaching and working with me?

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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is guiding people to unearth the answers that lie within. Helping them to discover and bring their dreams to life. Setting some truly inspiring goals and creating a plan and actions that make this happen. A life coach encourages you, supports you and is your own personal cheerleader along the way.


I’d love to be your personal cheerleader and help bring your dreams to life!


So what will you get working in a life coaching series with me?

  • A 1 hour initial consult via Skype/Zoom where we discover if we are the right match as coach and client. I will help to discover what it is that you are truly wanting in your life right now.

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions with me via Skype/Zoom preferably or in person on a fortnightly basis (three month commitment).

  • I help you to set some truly inspiring goals (usually three) that you work on over the three months.

  • We work together to set some amazing actions each fortnight to help you achieve those inspiring goals.

  • I guide you on this journey to getting from where you are now to where you want to be!

​What is your Investment in this series?


$660 for the whole series. Payable as a lump sum up front or 3 payments of $220 per month.


Aren’t you worth this small investment in yourself? Invest in you and your future happiness which will flow to all of those around you!

What should you do now?

If you feel like Life Coaching could help you achieve change and direction in your life, then the next step is to get in touch with me.  I will send you a pre-coaching questionnaire to complete and then we'll book in a free one-hour consultation (Skype/Zoom or in person) for us to get to know one another.  If we both feel it's right, then we go ahead and schedule the six sessions!

kind words from
a former client

Sue wellwood, 2019 Energy healer

I have just finished a 3-month life coaching with Karen and have had amazing results.

I wanted to get motivated in my private and business life and Karen has helped me achieve 3 goals with 6 coaching sessions over a 3-month period.


Karen easily guided me and encouraged me to accomplish my goals with confidence and courage.  I felt very comfortable speaking to Karen about my fears of moving forward and what it would take to see past some mental and emotional blocks.


Each session Karen listened and accessed the next steps for me to take with positive and inspiring words to bring me to an understanding of what I needed to do next to achieve my goals I had set for myself.


Thanks Karen for changing a lot of things in my life and giving me sound and solid advice. 


I would recommend Karen to coach and guide anyone that feels lost or unsure about where they need to go next in life or who are struggling with something and need to get clear on how to manage it and to step forward with a positive and confident approach.


I now feel exhilarated, excited and expanded into the next steps I will create in my life.

kind words from
a former client

Rhiannon summers, 2019

life coach

Karen offers a heartfelt, serene and supportive coaching experience.


When I first connected with Karen, I was feeling unclear, unmotivated and trying to move forward felt overwhelming. She was able to guide me through the noise to find clarity and peace.


Karen’s gentle wisdom supported me to create space in my life for self-care and joy, to find a sense of calm and ease that allowed me to move forward and master my goals.


She empowered me to trust in my own intuition in moving forward with my career and to get clear about the job I would like to move into next.


Karen’s coaching has been a catalyst for ongoing transformation in my life.


After completing our sessions, I was offered the exact job I had identified in our coaching series and I had the opportunity to move to the coast which was also an underlying theme throughout the series.


Coaching with Karen was a beautiful experience and I recommend her to anyone that is looking to make ongoing changes in their life.

kind words from
a former client

Anne velkoski, 2020

Executive assistant/mum/wife

I crossed paths with Karen at a vital part in my life as I wasn't sure which direction my life was headed. Since having my children,  I felt like I had lost my identify. I did everything for my family (which I love!),  but I was starting to realise that a part of me was missing. 


I was constantly putting myself last and constantly pouring from an empty cup! I didn't feel happy or confident in my own skin. With my anxiety getting worse, I knew I needed help.


Karen's coaching has taught me strategies to put in place to feel happy and confident in my own skin again. Her patience and encouragement I believe played a major part in my positive step forward. 


If you are looking for a life coach who will guide you, motivate you and support you, give Karen a call. 

kind words from
a former client



“I was feeling like I was aimlessly drifting through 2020. All my attempts to refocus and get back on track after we’d come out of lockdown in Singapore were going nowhere.

Karen helped me to create goals that felt aligned and inspiring. At points along the way I was wavering and struggling to really define what it was I was trying to achieve. But Karen gently guided and listened and kept bringing me back to the thoughts and feelings I needed to help me move forward.

I’m in a much better place after the three months. This year is really all about the small wins and how they are really not small at all! Many thanks to Karen for helping me to remember what is important during one of the toughest years any of us has lived through!”